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72,30 EUR*
Details Asiatische Gottheit Kwan Yin - Statue aus Messing, 19 cm

Kwan Yin19 cm, MessingKwan Yin Kwan Yin ist eine Heilige aus dem Osten. Sie steht für Mildtätigkeit und Barmherzigkeit. Die Mythen berichten, daß sie einst vor Tausenden von Jahren hätte aufsteigen können in das Meer der Unendlichkeit, doch dann ließ ...

75,99 EUR*
Details Measure Theory and Probability Theory (Springer Texts in Statistics)

Measure Theory and Probability Theory This is a graduate level textbook on measure theory and probability theory. It presents the main concepts and results in measure theory and probability theory. It further provides heuristic explanations behind the ...

82,62 EUR*
Details Algebraic Coding Theory And Information Theory: Dimacs Workshop, Algebraic Coding Theory And Information Theory, December 15-18, 2003, Rutgers ... AND THEORETICAL COMPUTER SCIENCE, Band 68)

Algebraic Coding Theory and Information Theory Collects papers that were presented at or inspired by the DIMACS workshop, Algebraic Coding Theory and Information Theory (Rutgers University, Piscataway, NJ). This book is suitable for graduate students ...

59,38 EUR*
Details Theory vs. Anti-Theory in Ethics: A Misconceived Conflict

This book presents a broad and new theory of theory formation in ethics. There are many existing theories, and more could be generated, but most thinkers of theory formation have a narrow view of what a theory of ethics should be like. They favor ...

133,99 EUR*
Details Macroeconomic Theory (Economic Theory, Econometrics, & Mathematical Economics) (ECONOMIC THEORY, ECONOMETRICS, AND MATHEMATICAL ECONOMICS)

"Macroeconomic Theory", in its first edition, was widely adopted for use as a graduate text; this updated and expanded version should find even greater popularity as a text and as a research reference. It has been substantially revised to include ...

37,39 EUR*
Details Globalizing Critical Theory (NEW CRITICAL THEORY)

Globalizing Critical Theory Across a spectrum of academic disciplines, the topic of globalization is at the forefront of contemporary efforts to understand a dynamically changing world society. How might critical social theory respond creatively to ...

38,90 EUR*
Details BLKWELL RDR IN CONT SOC THEORY (Blackwell Companions to Social Theory)

The Blackwell Reader in Contemporary Social Theory Selections from the best-known intellectuals and researchers in social theory around the globe. Includes discussion of not only traditional aspects of social theory, but also recent controversies ...